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Bevzenko Roman


Partner, head of legal practice, Pepeliaev Group Law Offices Professor, Russian School of Private Law under the President of RF Senior Lecturer, Department of Civil and Enterprise Law, School of Law, Higher School of Economics, St. Petersburg

Areas of expertise: liability law, legal regulation of real estate transactions, and securities law

О лекторе

Roman Bevzenko is a practicing lawyer, whose expertise is in the legal support of the business of major mutual property funds, and implementation of bank and private financing solutions for new commercial and residential construction via complex investment vehicles

He is a Full State Counsellor of Justice of RF, 2nd Class

Mr. Bevzenko instrumentally contributed to the preparation and debating of the Civil Legislation Improvement Concept, the new edition of the Civil Code of RF, and key clarifications of the Supreme Arbitration Court of RF on civil law matters. He was the immediate drafter of several most meaningful resolutions of the Plenum of SAC RF and the informational letters of SAC RF appertaining to the securing of liabilities, as well as to property law and liability law 

He has authored upwards of 70 research publications on diverse questions of private law, property law, collateral and mortgage, offset of liabilities, and suretyship