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Brooks Sidney


Former Federal Bankruptcy Judge, United States Bankruptcy Court for the District of Colorado

Areas of expertise: bankruptcy

О лекторе

Mr. Brooks’ area of expertise is development and implementation of international rule of law programs around the world, bankruptcy and reorganizations, litigation, commercial transactions, and general business law

His current professional activities include membership in and serve as an officer or board member of the American Bankruptcy Institute, the National Conference of Bankruptcy Judges, Rotary Club of Denver, Rotary Foundation, University of Denver Alumni Advisory Committee, Nanda Center for International and Comparative Law, Denver Committee on Foreign Relations, and the U.S. Russia Foundation

Judge Brooks has been a member of International Judicial Relations Committee of the U.S. Judicial Conference; American Law Institute NAFTA Bankruptcy Law Project Advisory Committee; American Bar Association Central and East European Law Initiative Advisory Committee; American Bankruptcy Institute/INSOL; Federal Judicial Center Board of Directors; Federal Judicial Center Bankruptcy Education Committee; International Law Relations Committee of the National Conference of Bankruptcy Judges; European Bank for Reconstruction and Development; The World Bank; Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development; the National Judicial College; and the Russian American Rule of Law Consortium. And Judge Brooks has served as the keynote speaker for the Annual Fulbright Scholars Conference: Building Blocks for a Rule of Law – A View from the West

He has been assisting with the development of judicial training and court management programs in organizations such as the U.S. Russia Foundation, the Library of Congress Open World Leadership Program, the Central and East European Law Initiative, the International Judicial Relations Committee of the United States Judicial Conference, the United States Department of State, and The World Bank

Mr. Brooks has worked with and advised judicial officials from Russia, Kazakhstan, Kirghizstan, Mongolia, the People’s Republic of China, Poland, Romania, Macedonia, Thailand, Mexico, India, Canada, Armenia, Egypt, Brazil, Argentina, and the Czech Republic, with regard to international commercial/insolvency law and court administration and judicial affairs

Author of articles for numerous professional organizations, schools and publications


Дата записи:
18 мая 2017 г.
40 MIN