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Novak Denis


Professor at the Department of General Aspects of Private Law, Russian School of Private Law at the S.S. Alekseyev Research Centre of Private Law under the President of the Russian Federation Deputy Director, Department of Economic Legislation, Ministry of Justice of RF

Areas of expertise: civil code

О лекторе

Denis Novak is a specialist in liability law, corporate law, and the legal regulation of real estate transactions

He is on a number of working groups tasked with the preparation of the Civil Legislation Improvement Concept and draft amendments for the Civil Code of RF. He is on the Research and Advisory Council at the Moscow Circuit Arbitration Court. Mr. Novak is one of the drafters of resolutions of the Plenum, informational letters of the Presidium, and judicial practice overviews at the Supreme Arbitration Court of RF

Denis Novak has taught at higher educational institutions for over 12 years. He also lectures and teaches seminars on various aspects of liability law and corporate law in Moscow and across Russia

Mr. Novak’s works have been published in several legal journals. He has co-authored a textbook on international civil and commercial law for law schools, and a collection of scientific and applied commentary on the Civil Code of RF