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Patent Law in the Global Economic Competition

2 hours 7 minutes

During the round table there will be two main streams:
1. Modern Technologies: Between Patent and Copyright Law.
2. Patent Monopoly and Public Interest.
We expect that speakers will express their views as regards the borderline between copyright and patent protection of software and business methods etc. We suppose that the speakers and participants of the roundtable will be interested in discussion of the length of patent protection as well as development and efficiency of patent protection in courts. There shall be space for discussion of the nature of patents as a legal monopoly, its influence on the modern society and global competition. We would be interested to know opinions of the speakers about patent landscaping and other added value which can be derived from patent data and modern business intelligence methodologies. Another point of interest may be understanding of the nature of modern innovation and commercialization, modern products lifecycles and the effect of the modern patent system thereon. Know-how and trade secrets protection as alternative to patents may be discussed.

Дискуссионная сессия

Drozdov Igor - Vice-President, Chief Legal Counsel of Non-profit organization Fund for development of the Center for Elaboration and Commercialization of New Technologies
Voit Thomas - Judge, Federal Patent Court of Germany
Kuznetsov Yuri - Partner, Gorodissky and Partners
Lutz Raimund - Vice-President, European Patent Office
Schecter Manny - Chief Patent Counsel, IBM
Simonov Boris - Director, Federal Service for Intellectual Property (Rospatent)
Stanek Rea Teresa - Deputy Under Secretary of Commerce for Intellectual Property, U.S. Patent and Trademark Office
Tannock Quentin - Owner, CambridgeIP
Ugrumov Vladislav - Partner, Gowlings International Inc.

Дата записи: 18 мая 2012 г.

Patent Law in the Global Economic Competition

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