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International Commercial Arbitration: Issues of Arbitrability and Execution of Arbitral Acts

3 hours 28 minutes

The session will involve contributors familiar with a wide variety of arbitral jurisdictions and systems.
They will together explore topical questions of arbitrability and enforcement:
-What can arbitrators sensibly decide?
-What are the practical limits of arbitration?
They will also explore issues of enforcement: how to enforce an arbitration award ? What legitimate objections can be taken?
The session will round off with predictions of experienced practitioners for the future
a. How do the panel expect international arbitration to develop, both with reference to their particular system and generally?
b. How can international dispute resolution overcome the arbitrability and enforcement issues which are current today?

Дискуссионная сессия

Swainston Michael - Queen’s Counsel at Brick Court Chambers
Bergsten Eric Eugene - President, Willem C. Vis International Commercial Arbitration Moot
Weimann Thomas - Head of the international law firm Clifford Chance's Arbitration Practice
Gernandt Johan - Chairman of the Stockholm Arbitration Institute, Chairman of the Centre for Commercial Law, the Stockholm University
Draetta Ugo - Solo practioner
Moriarty Stephen, QC - Owner, Fountain Court Chambers
Pavlova Natalia - Judge, Supreme Arbitration Court of the Russian Federation
Parish Matthew - Partner, Holman Fenwick Willan Switzerland LLP
Steel David - Arbitrator, Arbitrators at 10 Fleet Street
Heeg Christine - Managing Director, Chinese European Arbitration Center
Graner Magnus - State Secretary, Ministry of Justice of Sweden

Дата записи: 18 мая 2012 г.

International Commercial Arbitration: Issues of Arbitrability and Execution of Arbitral Acts

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