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Quiet Revolution - How the Law Firm Business Model is Evolving

2 hours 45 minutes

In most law firms, change tends to be evolutionary and not revolutionary. However, unprecedented changes now underway in the legal services marketplace and workforce mean that beneath the surface significant game changing shifts are afoot. In this session we will explore these trends, their implications and the possible responses of law firms to them. What are the forces that are going to shape the way law is practised among the law firms in future?
In the next 10 years the world will see some really significant changes in globalisation, demographics and technology, which, separately and collectively, will have a major impact on the legal sector. We have two separate panels. One focusses particularly on the impact of globalisation and the other on competitive pressures.

Дискуссионная сессия

Session 1:
Stephen Denyer - Partner, Allen & Overy LLP
Andrey Goltsblat - Managing Partner, Goltsblat BLP
Wang Ling - Managing Partner, King & Wood Mallesons
Michael Todd - Immediate Past Chairman of the Bar Council of England & Wales
Hugh Verrier - Chairman, White & Case
Vladislav Zabrodin - Managing Partner, Capital Legal Services LLC

Session 2:
Hermann Knott - Partner, Luther Rechtsanwaltsgesellschaft mbH
Maxim Alekseyev - Senior Partner, ALRUD
Sidika Baysal - Managing Partner, B+B Hukuk Burosu Law Firm
Nishtih Desai - Senior Partner, Nishith Desai & Associate
Andrey Gorodissky - Partner, Andrey Gorodissky & Partners
Lucy Scott-Moncrieff - President, Law Society of England and Wales

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Quiet Revolution - How the Law Firm Business Model is Evolving. Part1

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